Gaming is a Passion

First time playing castlevania lords of shadow and i’ll be doing mirror of fate and the sequel as well in the near future. I’m playing on hard and get my butt kicked by bosses. And of course having to edit out those amazing pixel demon/female boobies too so there’s that lol

My Super long Fallout 3 playthrough and getting myself ready before fallout 4 in the near future; I’ll be doing a 100% completion of bobbleheads, sidequests, all quests including dlc and attempting to get 100% trophies on my psn

Check out my Dark Souls 1 Playthrough on my channel

Watch my Crysis 2 videos, where I tackle the sequel to Crysis HD and fighting the Cephaloids in Manhattan where everything is being destroyed 

Check out my Crysis 1 Lets Play where I play the Original Crysis for the first time and fail horribly at stealth haha. Hope you guys enjoy it. :)

Amber Rayne :)

Amber Rayne :)


Whisper by Daniel Kordek